16.7" x 9.2" x 14.2", 115 VAC, 550 PSI, Dual, Refrigerant Recovery Machine

1 HP Dual Piston Compressor for Industry Leading Recovery Rates

Micro-Channel Condenser Provides Exceptional Heat Exchange Allowing Vortex Dual to Maintain Recovery Rates throughout the Entire Recovery Cycle

Oversize Fan Provides Exceptional Cooling

Simple Two Valve Operation

Full Size Protected Gauges for both Suction and Tank Pressure

Self-Purge without the need to Change Hose

Manufacturer Item:
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9" x 13.5" x 11.5", 115 V, 8 A, Refrigerant Recovery System

Superior Condenser Design and Performance - System Designed for High Load Conditions, Allows Gravity Flow of Recovered Liquid to Recovery Tank

Direct Drive Fan

Easy-to-Read and Extremely Durable 2-1/2 Inch Liquid Filled Condenser Pressure Gauge

Virtually No Flutter Under any Condition

Protects against Damage from Pressure Pulses

Single Gauge Shows Tank Pressure During Recovery and Recovery Unit Internal Pressure During Purge

Sealed Compressor Crankcase to Minimize Refrigerant Loss over the Life of the Compressor

Built-In Purge Circuit for Easy Clearing at the End of Each Job

No Extra Tanks or Vacuum Pumps Required

Cup-Style Piston Seals for Better Performance Under High Pressure Differentials

Made in USA

Manufacturer Item:
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14.8" x 9.8" x 13.5", 95 to 130 VAC 60 Hz, 12 AAC, Backlit Dual LCD, 1 HP Motor, Digital Recovery Machine

Smart - 1 HP Variable Speed DC Motor is Quieter, Faster, Smoother and Lighter for Increased Performance and Comfort

Liquid Slugging is Minimized and Vapor Recovery is Maximized

The Advanced Motor Control also Adjusts to Match Incoming Voltage So that Your Machine Works with Longer Extension Cords or When the Power Grid is Over Capacity on Hot Days

Lightweight - DC Motor is Small and Light

Carry it Comfortably

Smoother and Faster - Smooth Liquid Recovery

Variable Smart Speed Motor Maximizes Performance

Rubber Feet and Motor Mounts Reduce Noise and Vibrations

Reliable - Active Electronic Monitoring Protection System

Rubberized Housing Protects Components

Ceramic Cylinders Resist Abrasion

Rail Slides Protect the Machine and Building

Long Lasting Piston Seals

Protected Electronics for Rainy Days

Easy Access Ports - Ports Face Out for Easy Access and Direct Flow

Ports Elevated from Ground

Rubber Bumpers Protect Ports

Mesh Screen Fitting Stays in Place When Removing Hoses

Large Rubberized Dual Port Routing Knob

Digital Display - Easily Read the Large Digits

Status Messages Clarify Operation

Blue Backlight Helps in Darker Situations

Withstands Long Days in the Sun and Rain

Power Cord Stores on the Handle

Room to Hook the Handle for Hoisting to the Roof

Self Purge Protects MR45 and Our Environment

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Recovery Machine

This item has been discontinued and replaced by item 
115 V, 1 HP, Micro Channel Condenser, Metal Knob, Dual Piston, Recovery Unit for Refrigerant

Micro-Channel Condenser for Industry Leading Recovery Rates

Powerful Dual Piston Compressor

Full One Horse Power Motor

Self-Purging without the Need to Change Hoses

Oversized Cooling Fan for Superior Heat Dissipation

Heavy Duty Handle with Comfortable Rubber Grip

Simple Two-Valve Operation

Made in USA

Manufacturer Item:
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115 VAC 60 Hz, 10 A, 13.75" x 9.4" x 10.3", Twin Cylinder, Recovery Machine for R-410A/R-134A/R-22/R-407C Refrigerant

Ultra-Fast, High Volume Refrigerant Recovery

Compact and Lightweight

Twin-Cylinders and Twin-Condensers Designed for Fast Recovery

Refrigerant-Isolated Crankcase, Eliminating Bearing Contamination

Pumps R410A Liquid and Vapor

7 Inch 10-Blade Turbine Fan at 3000 RPM Blasts 700 CFM Plus of Cooling Air Over the Twin-Heads and Condensers

Operates up to 50 Degrees Fahrenheit Cooler for Maximum Reliability and Speed Even in High Ambient Conditions

Manufacturer Item:
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